Pink and light orange Japanese cotton pearl invisible clip on earrings

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Open MiyabiGrace shop : Pink and Light orange Japanese cotton pearl invisible clip on earrings

Price: USD$

■ 8 mm ( 1/3 inches) $30
■10 mm (2/5 inches) $31
■12 mm (1/2 inches) $33

★Cotton pearls shown in pictures are 12 mm.

◆Color: Cotton pearl: Pink, Light orange
◆Weight: 1 g (Total weight) (0.035 oz)
◆Size of pearls: 12mm (1/2inches)

★If you flip the earrings over, you can wear as gold or silver pieced earring look like clip on earrings! 2 way clip on earrings. Ideal pearl size for this usage is less than 10 mm.



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