You cannot find hypoallergenic titanium earrings at your local shop? Don’t worry, you have MiyabiGrace!


Double sided white opals swarovski crystal and light beige cotton pearl titanium earrings
✨Combination of white opal Swarovski crystal and cotton pearls are feminine and elegant. They match any outfits.✨

titanium earrings hypoallergenic earrings_MiyabiGrace

“No titanium earrings in this mall…..”

If your ears are sensitive all kinds of metals and need titanium earrings, where do you go for shopping? I guess you will try local shops first. There are a lot of sterling silver and gold filled earrings but you cannot find titanium earrings. Then you will try to find them online. But the designs are limited and there are not so many trendy and stylish earrings. Then, you always compromise your earrings, don’t you? Don’t worry, you have MiyabiGrace from Japan!!


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Add trendy feather items to your wardrobes! Boho style goose feather invisible clip on earrings




Light blue goose feather invisible clip on earrings
✨✨Trendy earrings for this autumn and winter✨✨

Here is in Osaka, Japan is getting cooler and it is getting more comfortable to spend a day. I began to wear jackets. Then I just wanted to have something autumn and winter items, maybe something feathery. You might also want to have some feathery items. So I would like to introduce goose feather invisible clip on earrings and matching items.

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Perfect solutions for clip on earrings! The most up-to-date and comfortable non pierced earrings

If you don’t get ears pierced, don’t you have those problems?
1. Clip on earrings are too painful to wear for more than one hour.
2. It is hard to find modern and stylish clip on earrings.
3. Clip on earrings are clunky and they are obviously CLIP-ONS.

I guess you have been bothered with those problems and that might have made you reluctant to clip on earrings daily. But don’t worry Miyabi Grace’s invisible clip on earrings solve those problems! These innovative clip on earrings from Japan enable you to wear clip on earrings with pierced look and comfort! I would like to explain how they work with customer’s testimonials.

<img src=”invisible-clip-on-earrings-_-miyabigrace-2.jpg” alt=”pierced look and comfortable invisible clip on earrings by MiyabiGrace”/>

Rhinestone and white pearl invisible clip on stud earrings
✨They look totally invisible. Totally new style of clip on earrings✨

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You still have a time for your wedding day. Crystal pave ball invisible clip on earrings

Crystal pave ball invisible clip on earrings

Crystal pave ball invisible clip on earrings

crystal pave ball invisible clip on earrings

✨✨Perfect look for your big day!✨✨


crystal pave ball invisible clip on earrings (2)

✨✨Earrings should be something elegant and sophisticated✨✨


Have you chosen your bridal clip on earrings? You are still thinking whether you will pick up simple pearl earrings or crystal earrings, aren’t you. If you want to both style, what about crystal pave ball invisible clip on earrings?

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Questions from my customers and answers about invisible clip on earrings

Swarovski crystal stud invisible clip on earrings non pierced earrings 5

Swarovski crystal stud invisible clip on earrings


invisible clip on earrings MiyabiGrace (2)

❔❔❔I have several questions about invisible clip on earrings❔❔❔

invisible clip on earrings MiyabiGrace (3)

✨✨✨ I would love to answer your questions!✨✨✨

I have introduced my invisible clip on earrings. But since you have never seen these earrings, there might be some questions. So I would like to share the questions from customers and answer from me. If you can have a more clear idea about invisible clip on earrings, I am so happy.


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