Amazing! updated style comfortable and pieced look Japanese clip on earring converters


If you don’t get ears pierced, it is hard to find your ideal clip on earrings, isn’t it? But if you use clip on earring converters, you can pick up as many styles as possible from the pierced earrings. You can buy gorgeous pierced earrings from online or physical stores and enjoy wearing them. And I think you had the experience to use earring converters. How was it? I guess these converters are too painful to wear. Then you gave up wearing them.

Today, I would like to introduce Japanese clip on earring converters to solve this problem! You will be free from the pain!!

1. Invisible clip on earring converters.

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A small tube was attached to invisible clip on earrings and these can hold pierced earrings. You insert stud earrings into tube and hold studs with silicon earring backs.

As you can see from the images, earrings findings are clear, and the model seems wearing pierced earrings. Moreover, invisible clip on earrings are made from resin and soft. These are comfortable and enough to wear more than straight 8 hours! Now that you have tons of choices for your earrings. These are dreamlike clip on earring converters.

And these invisible clip on earring converters are the metal free clip on earrings. These are the perfect item for people who are allergic to metal.  

There two style of invisible clip on earring converters.

① Converter WITH rhinestone

② Converter WITHOUT rhinestone

① Converter WITH rhinestone

You can enjoy the combination of sparkly rhinestone and clip on earrings. These look like double sided earrings.


② Converter WITHOUT rhinestone

You can enjoy pierced look earring converters.


The total weight of pierced earrings should be less than 4 g since invisible clip on earrings cannot hold heavy earrings.


2. Clip angle adjustable clip on earring converters.


These are Japanese clip angle adjustable clip on earring converters. What is the difference? Most of clip are no angle adjustments and just only two angles: closing (pinching) or opening. What about these adjustable converters? As you can see from images, there are many angles! So you can adjust clip with your size of earlobes. These are like custom order clip on earrings for yourself! If you have these clip on converters, you can wear endless number of pierced earrings! If you want wear something big and heavy earrings, these converters are ideal.


Modern Japanese clip on earrings coveters are comfortable and pierced look. These made you enjoy your various fashion styles. These are available at Miyabi Grace on Etsy and Amazon. Please check them out.

1. Invisible clip on earring converters

2. Angle adjustable clip on earring converters

〇Please click images or product titles for more details.


Here is the invisible clip on earrings stores’ links. Please drop by! 💕
Miyabi Grace shop: Click ➡ Invisible clip on earrings
Etsy shop: Click ➡ Invisible clip on earrings

Link to shop policy (shipping, returns and exchange policies)

Link to About my shop




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