Are you looking for comfortable earrings but unique and rare earrings for office? What about Japanese cotton pearl earrings?

Japanese cotton pearl earrings_MiyabiGrace6Japanese cotton pearl earrings_MiyabiGrace1

 Light beige Japanese cotton pearl earrings

When you go to office, you need some conservative jewelries. In terms of earrings, small or medium size earrings might be preferable. And these earrings must be comfortable to wear since you wear these during working time.

But don’t you get sick of ordinary and plain earrings? Don’t you want to wear something unique and impressive earrings?

What about Japanese cotton pearl earrings?

Japanese cotton pearl earrings_MiyabiGrace5

 Light beige Japanese cotton pearl earrings

Cotton pearls are compressed cotton and as you can see from pictures, these have vintage like figure. The surface of pearls is a little bit bumpy from the cotton fibers. These are totally different from plastic and freshwater pearls.

Your co-worker will definitely ask you details about your earrings!

Japanese cotton pearl earrings_MiyabiGrace2

Light beige Japanese cotton pearl earrings

Moreover, the total weight of cotton pearl earrings are only 1 g ( 0.035 oz ) ! These are extremely light! Can you believe this?

Therefore, these are comfortable to wear and very airy.

You will not be bothered by the weight of earrings during working time.

Japanese cotton pearl earrings_MiyabiGrace3

Light beige Japanese cotton pearl earrings

There are three sizes: 10 mm, 12 mm and 14 mm. Other colors, white and light orange are also available at MiyabiGrace on Etsy.

White Japanese cotton pearl earrings

White Japanese cotton pearl earrings

Why don’t you add these earrings to your daily outfits?

If you click pictures or item titles, MiyabiGrace shop opens.

Move to MiyabiGrace shop


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