If you have a metal allergy, your only choice is expensive pure gold clip on earrings? No, you still can wear reasonable price clip on earrings. Those are invisible clip on earrings.

diamond shape marquise Aurora Borealis swarovski crystal invisible clip on earrings non pierced 2

Marquise shape aurora borelis Swarovski crystal invisible clip on earrings

invisible clip on earrings for metal allergy

💕💕I found the clip on earrings which I can wear 💕💕

Invisible clip on earrings

💕Left one is invisible clip on earrings. Earring finding is resin and clear.💕


leather code and pearl necklace, these are metal free
cited from C&K Accessories

If you have allergies for most of metals, you had a hard time to find skin friendly jewelries. In terms of necklace, you can wear some leather code necklace and wood beaded necklace. There are some materials which don’t contain metals for necklace. What about clip on earrings? Most of clip on earrings are brass made clip on earrings and cause itchy skin. One of the best solution is that to wear pure gold clip on earrings. But they are too expensive and you cannot afford to buy many style of clip on earrings, can you? And I guess you are afraid of falling off the earrings. You always touch your earlobes if they are still on earlobes or not. You are always anxious while you wear clip on earrings. This does not sound perfect solution. But don’t worry, you have invisible clip on earrings. They are made from resin and do not contain any metals which attach your skin. This is the perfect solution for your clip on earrings.

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