If you have metal allergies, what is another option to wear earrings besides wearing clip on earrings?

Rhinestone Plastic Stud Earrings ( Rose gold )



Hello! I am Jennifer and an owner of Miyabi Grace Jewelry in Japan. If you have metal allergies, you have a hard time to find the earrings which do not cause any trouble to your ears, don’t you? I had a talk with several friends who are allergic to metal and they said that they can wear some platinum earrings even if these are metal. But platinum earrings are expensive and they cannot afford to buy many those earrings. Are there any price-friendly and metal free earrings? Yes, there are! Those are Miyabi Grace’s plastic stud earrings.


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Trendy elegant tassel invisible clip on earrings

There are so many style of tassel earrings. Most of them are long and glamorous style. What about these medium size elegant tassel invisible clip on earrings?

<img src=”pierced-look-comfortable-dangle-gold-leaf-black-rhinestone-white-tassel-boho-bohemian-invisible-clip-on-earrings-miyabigrace-e5a4bee880b3e792b0-e5a4bee5bc8fe880b3e792b0-e382” alt=”pierced look and comfortable Comfortable and pierced look white tassel with crystal invisible clip on earrings bridal jewelry by MiyabiGrace 耳環夾 ノンホールピアス 夾式耳環”/>

tassel invisible clip on earrings2.jpg

tassel invisible clip on earrings3.jpg


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