Are there any modern and stylish sterling silver clip on earrings?

Hello! My name is Jennifer and live in Japan. There are a lot of people who don’t get ears pierced in Japan, so I don’t have any trouble finding modern and stylish clip on earrings. But there are 2 types of clip on earrings I cannot find even in Japan.

These are 925 sterling silver and gemstone clip on earrings.

So I would like to introduce 925 sterling silver invisible clip on earrings.

I feel that minimalist style sterling silver earrings are cool and stylish. If we can wear them like pierced earrings. I don’t want to wear any clip on earrings that charm connecting parts are visible.


Comfortable pierced look chain bar dangle sterling silver invisible clip on earrings Miyabi Grace 7.jpgComfortable pierced look chain bar dangle sterling silver invisible clip on earrings Miyabi Grace 8.jpg

925 Sterling Silver Dangle Teardrop Hoop Invisible Clip On Earrings

Today I would like to show you some sterling silver invisible clip on earrings.

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If you cannot find any stores which sell clip on earrings in your area, buying items online, Miyabi Grace is the best solution

I came to Malaysia 10 days ago and I went to several shopping mall and markets. I tried to find the clip on earrings to get to know the up-to-date style, but I could not find them. In Japan, there are a lot of fashion jewelry stores and there are 3 or 4 stores which deals wide varieties of clip on earrings near my house. The reason why there is a lot of clip on earrings are there are high demands of clip on earrings since the population of people who don’t get ears pierced is high in Japan.


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Twisted gold invisible clip on hoop earrings



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What are the ideal bridal clip on earrings? Gorgeous and elegant? That is not enough! They must be comfortable to wear and not falling off!

<img src=”dangle-gradated-rhinestone-crystal-wedding-invisible-clip-on-earrings2.jpg” alt=”pierced look and comfortable Pierced look and comfortable dangle wedding bridal rhinestone chandelier crystal invisible clip on earrings 耳環夾 ノンホールピアス イヤリング”/>

Dangle Gradated Rhinestone Invisible Clip On Earrings


wedding invisible clip on earrings (2)     Wedding invisible clip on earrings

During the preparation of period of your wedding, you check many earrings on bridal jewelry retailers online and you will find so many gorgeous and elegant earrings. If you don’t get ears pierced, what is the important for your clip on earrings? They must be COMFORTABLE enough to wear for entire day. Why is that so important? Because you have to be in good mood and cannot suffer from the pinching pain of clip on earrings.


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Are there any comfortable and elegant clip on earrings in the world? Yes, they are invisible clip on earrings from Japan!

Dangle Rhinestone crystal and white opal crystal invisible clip on earrings 2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Dangle rhinestone and white opal crystal invisible clip on earrings



comfortable clip on earrings MiyabiGrace

✨✨ You will not suffer from the pain of clip on earrings anymore and smile all the time✨✨

You have many occasions to attend elegant occasions in the past. Haven’t you had a hard time to find COMFORTABLE and pretty clip on earrings which are wearable for entire day? I think you have not found yet. And do you still believe that there are comfortable clip on earrings in the world and clip on earrings are supposed to be painful from the pinching of earring findings. Now is the time to change your mind. They are INVISIBLE CLIP ON EARRINGS.

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