Gift clip on earrings for mother’s day. What about comfortable Swarovski crystal invisible clip on earrings?

Swarovski Crystal Invisible Clip On Earrings for mother's day

Silver motif and Swarovski Aurora Borealis invisible clip on earrings

invisible clip on earrings for mother's day2   invisible clip on earrings for mother's day

On mother’s day, you want to present something makes your mother happy and surprised, don’t you. You want to see your mother smiling all the time. If your mother don’t get ears pierced, clip on earrings could be ideal. But it is hard to find elegant and comfortable enough to wear frequently, isn’t it? What about innovative invisible clip on earrings from Japan?

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You cannot find hypoallergenic titanium earrings at your local shop? Don’t worry, you have MiyabiGrace!


Double sided white opals swarovski crystal and light beige cotton pearl titanium earrings
✨Combination of white opal Swarovski crystal and cotton pearls are feminine and elegant. They match any outfits.✨

titanium earrings hypoallergenic earrings_MiyabiGrace

“No titanium earrings in this mall…..”

If your ears are sensitive all kinds of metals and need titanium earrings, where do you go for shopping? I guess you will try local shops first. There are a lot of sterling silver and gold filled earrings but you cannot find titanium earrings. Then you will try to find them online. But the designs are limited and there are not so many trendy and stylish earrings. Then, you always compromise your earrings, don’t you? Don’t worry, you have MiyabiGrace from Japan!!


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You think all the hypoallergenic earrings are out of date style designs and you have to compromise? Wrong!!


Flower filigree and cotton pearl titanium earrings


Hypoallergenic earrings_cotton pearl gold titanium earrings

Every time you go for shopping to find earrings, are you afraid that if they cause itchy ears? It is a kind of bets to purchase? If your skin is sensitive, I guess you had hard time to find your ideal skin friendly earrings. What about flower motif and cotton pearl titanium earrings? They are nickel free and hypoallergenic earrings.

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Definitely making your girlfriend happy clip on earrings! They are innovative: comfortable and look like pierced earrings.

crystal vitrail light swarovski heart invisible clip on earrings non pierced earrings

Crystal vitrail light Swarovski heart invisible clip on earrings


dangle Crystal Vitrail Light Swarovski invisible clip on earrings

dangle Crystal Vitrail Light Swarovski invisible clip on earrings

Every time you meet your girlfriend, she dresses up nicely and wear clip on earrings, doesn’t she? She is so beautiful and attractive and you cannot keep your eyes off from her. She has a definitely perfect style. But did you notice that she was scratching her ears sometime. You know why? I guess guys never knows the fact : clip on earrings pinch her earlobes and they are painful. If she wear clip on earrings more than 2 hours, they really hurt and almost torture level. Why does she stand it? Because she wants to look like pretty and elegant in front of you all the time!! And you wonder if there are some ways to ease her pain for her clip on earrings and make her happy? Yes!! There are innovatively super comfortable clip on earrings at MiyabiGrace from Japan!!

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Don’t you want to feel spring breeze before spring comes? You can enjoy feeling elegant butterflies flying around your face! Butterflies and Japanese cotton pearl earrings


Butterfiles and Japanese cotton pearl earrings_MiyabiGrace

Butterflies in Spring: Butterflies and light beige Japanese cotton pearl earrings

 Butterflies and light beige Japanese cotton pearl earrings

During winter time, can’t you wait spring comes? When you think about spring, you will imagine the beautiful flowers bloom and feel happy. Don’t you want to have those feelings right now? Today I introduce the butterflies and Japanese cotton pearl earrings.

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It is hard to find trendy and stylish hypoallergenic titanium earrings, isn’t it? What about Japanese cotton pearl titanium earrings?



◆Classy lozenge motif and light orange Japanese cotton pearl earrings

If you have a nickel allergy and when you try to pick up nickel free earrings, such as titanium earrings, do you feel designs and styles are limited? You found trendy and stylish earrings, but after that you found out that these contain nickel and you were disappointed. Don’t you have this kind of experience?

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