The perfect gemstone clip on earrings which look pierced look and comfortable. What are they?


<img src=”dangle-blue-turquoise-bar-invisible-clip-on-earrings-miyabigrace6.jpg” alt=”Turquoise invisible clip on earrings/> <img src=”dangle-blue-turquoise-bar-invisible-clip-on-earrings-miyabigrace10.jpg” alt=”Turquoise invisible clip on earrings/>

If you don’t get ears pierced, the design and materials you can choose for clip on earrings are limited unlike pierced earrings. And it is difficult to find gemstone clip on earrings like turquoise, amethyst and rose quartz. If you can wear simple gemstone clip on earrings for everyday wear and vacation, it would be nice. Before you give up finding gemstone clip on earrings, please take a look at the clip on earrings at MiyabiGrace. There are several gemstone invisible clip on earrings!
And they are comfortable and pierced look!!


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Are there any wedding clip on earrings which look like pierced earrings? MiyabiGrace has them!

<img src=”comfortable-pierced-look-bridal-wedding-dangle-cubic-zirconia-crystal-invisible-clip-on-earrings-miyabigrace2.jpg” alt=”pierced look and comfortable Comfortable and pierced look bridal wedding cubic zirconia crystal cz invisible clip on earrings”/>


wedding clip on earrings MiyabiGrace

If you don’t get ear pierced and are planning to have a wedding party, don’t you have difficult time to find your ideal wedding clip on earrings? You can find easily your dress and shoes, but there are not so many wedding clip on earrings are available. And choosing clip on earrings are important; the jewelries are get more attentions since they are around your face. If possible, you want to wear clip on earrings that people will think you wear pierced earrings. And you will have photo shootings. You don’t want to have pictures the earrings are obviously look like clip on earrings, do you? There are pierced look clip on earrings at MiyabiGrace. They are invisible clip on earrings.


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Do dangle clip on earrings look like obviously clip on earrings?

<img src=”/dangle-long-silver-wedding-drop-crystal-invisible-clip-on-earrings2.jpg” alt=”beaded crystal and silver chain drop invisible clip on earrings MiyabiGrace”/>

wedding MiyabiGrace

Hi! I am Jennifer and live in Japan. I don’t get my ears pierced and had a hard time to find my ideal clip on earrings in the past. Especially I was in need such as attending my friends’ wedding, I got trouble to find them and sometime I could not find them. What are the problems of clip on earrings on the market?

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Gift clip on earrings for mother’s day. What about comfortable Swarovski crystal invisible clip on earrings?

Swarovski Crystal Invisible Clip On Earrings for mother's day

Silver motif and Swarovski Aurora Borealis invisible clip on earrings

invisible clip on earrings for mother's day2   invisible clip on earrings for mother's day

On mother’s day, you want to present something makes your mother happy and surprised, don’t you. You want to see your mother smiling all the time. If your mother don’t get ears pierced, clip on earrings could be ideal. But it is hard to find elegant and comfortable enough to wear frequently, isn’t it? What about innovative invisible clip on earrings from Japan?

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Why do MiyabiGrace’s invisible clip on earrings look like pierced?

pierced look invisible clip on earrings2

<img src=”dangle-silver-hoop-and-swarovski-crystal-invisible-clip-on-earrings-non-pierced3.jpg” alt=”pierced look and comfortable wedding bridal dangle silver hoop and swarovski crystal invisible clip on earrings non pierced non pierced earrings”/>

Silver hoop and Swarovski crystal invisible clip on earrings

There are many online shops which deal clip on earrings from tiny earrings to large filigree earrings nowadays. And what are your ideal clip on earrings? I think one of the criteria is that they are more pierced look. Many of pierced look clip on earrings are clip style earrings which attached straight to earlobes. And it is hard to find pierced look dangle clip on earrings since the metal earring findings are seen on your earlobes. You might wonder if there are any dream like pierced look dangle clip on earrings. Yes, there are at MiyabiGrace on Etsy. They look pierced look since earring findings are clear and the design of earrings are pierced look. With these invisible clip on earrings, people think you got your ears pierced and you will have a perfect look.


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The reason why you need invisible clip on earrings

Dangle pink and clear rhinestone crystal invisible clip on earrings


invisible clip on earrings (2)

✨You will have a perfect look with invisible clip on earrings



Dangle pink and clear rhinestone crystal invisible clip on earrings

Pink and clear rhinestone invisible clip on earrings


Recently there are many elegant clip on earrings. But why you need invisible clip on earrings? What make you different if you wear clip on earrings? I would like to explain.


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What are the ideal bridal clip on earrings? Gorgeous and elegant? That is not enough! They must be comfortable to wear and not falling off!

<img src=”dangle-gradated-rhinestone-crystal-wedding-invisible-clip-on-earrings2.jpg” alt=”pierced look and comfortable Pierced look and comfortable dangle wedding bridal rhinestone chandelier crystal invisible clip on earrings 耳環夾 ノンホールピアス イヤリング”/>

Dangle Gradated Rhinestone Invisible Clip On Earrings


wedding invisible clip on earrings (2)     Wedding invisible clip on earrings

During the preparation of period of your wedding, you check many earrings on bridal jewelry retailers online and you will find so many gorgeous and elegant earrings. If you don’t get ears pierced, what is the important for your clip on earrings? They must be COMFORTABLE enough to wear for entire day. Why is that so important? Because you have to be in good mood and cannot suffer from the pinching pain of clip on earrings.


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