Do you want to be a member of the Great Gatsby? Then, the must-have item is Art Deco style Japanese cotton pearl earrings!

The great gatsby world

Gold tone Art deco light beige Japanese cotton pearl earrings

Art deco light beige Japanese cotton pearl earrings (gold tone)

If you really love feminine and graceful 1920’s fashion in the movie of the Great Gatsby, what about Art deco style Japanese cotton pearl earrings? The combination of retro motif and vintage like cotton pearls are gorgeous.

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How to attract men for the first date: Fashion and Jewelry

 If you have a plan to have the first date with a guy whom you are really interested in, you want to give him a good impression, don’t you? And you want to get his attention and make him crazy about you, don’t you? There are some certain style of dresses and jewelries which attract guys.

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Are you looking for comfortable earrings but unique and rare earrings for office? What about Japanese cotton pearl earrings?

Japanese cotton pearl earrings_MiyabiGrace6Japanese cotton pearl earrings_MiyabiGrace1

 Light beige Japanese cotton pearl earrings

When you go to office, you need some conservative jewelries. In terms of earrings, small or medium size earrings might be preferable. And these earrings must be comfortable to wear since you wear these during working time.

But don’t you get sick of ordinary and plain earrings? Don’t you want to wear something unique and impressive earrings?

What about Japanese cotton pearl earrings?

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How can I be outstanding and gorgeous in the party? What kind of jewelries are eye catchy? What about large Japanese cotton pearl stud earrings?

Japanese cotton pearl stud earrings1

Japanese light beige cotton pearl stud earrings

Light beige Japanese cotton pearl stud earrings

You have a plans for party and you picked up perfect dresses. But what about earrings? Are there any outstanding and gorgeous earrings which nobody has? What about vintage like large Japanese cotton pearl stud earrings?

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Are you looking for classy and graceful pearl earrings for your special wedding? What about a beautiful bride like “Veil: White Japanese cotton pearl earrings”?

Veil Japanese cotton pearl titanium earrings MiyabiGrace


Veil: White Japanese cotton pearl earrings

Are you looking for some romantic and classy pearl earrings for your wedding? What about “Veil: white cotton pearl earrings”.



Veil: White Japanese cotton pearl earrings

As you can see from pictures, cotton pearls seem wearing wedding veil. These seem a beautiful bride wears delicate lace veil. This design is original and handmade by me. If you are looking for something unique and sophisticated one item, these earrings are ideal. Moreover, the vintage like white cotton pearls are so feminine and so these earrings match any dresses. Of course, you can wear these for daily outfits and some other dresses.


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